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Health Horses Healing Hippocrates

By Diana DeRosa

In 2005, my mom was diagnosed with cancer and like any devoted daughter who was devastated by the thought of losing her “rock,” I went in search of answers. I came up with Hippocrates, a hidden treasure of health and wellness located in West Palm Beach, FL. While for my mom, going to their three-week […]


Horses Are My Dance of Life

By Stina Herberg

When I first rescued the herd in 2007, I did not use treats. The reason is that I wanted to be sure that when the horses finally would choose my company she would come because she felt good in my company. I also wanted my horses to respond as she would with a lead horse […]


Learning Compassionate Communication with Horses with Stormy May

By Tess Delismurf

– This is a testimonial from a participant of Stormy May’s Compassionate Communication with Horses online course. We all know that communication is important. Of course it is. Where would we be if we couldn’t communicate at all? But are we always communicating well? To the best of our ability? Clearly? And most importantly, with […]


Defrost the Fun!

By Stacey Chamberlain

I am so excited! But first of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this post. I would also like to apologise in advance, as the sudden need to put thoughts and feelings into words, may well render this a meandering and somewhat garbled journey. Having recently purchased a […]

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