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Why You Should Consider Going Bitless – The Q&A

By Dr. Robert Cook

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Further to our recent webinar with Dr. Robert Cook, here are the Q&A from the event in written format.] 1. Why Bitless? The question is most readily answered by turning it around, “Why bitted?” There are no good reasons, from the horse’s or the rider’s point of view, for putting a bit in […]


Why a Bitless Bridle

By Denice Zengo

A Whole Bit Better Without One Are you open to explore a safer, more effective way to ride? Do you want better communication with your horse? Would you be interested in riding and training your horse with gentle persuasion as opposed to control? Would you like a more responsive and willing horse? Do you want […]


To Bit or Not to Bit – What Would Your Horses Say?

By Dan Sumerel

I’d like to begin by stating a few obvious, but very important facts: Do most people with horses use a bit? Yes Are there numerous companies that offer a vast assortment of bits? Yes. Does every tack store sell bits? Yes. So why are we discussing whether or not to use a bit, in the […]


The Lie Of An Angel

By Ishbak Shehadeh

I always ask myself if the image about what horses are is real or just imaginary. I think in the romanticism which we associate to horses, as a magical aura, giving them holy powers of purity. We always affirm that “horses never lie”, people feel very secure about that statement, and many of us build […]

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