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In The Eyes of A Horse

By Anna Twinney

I was nervous. All I could think about were the many people he had hurt. Would I be next? As he approached, I realized I was in his world now. My fate was literally up to him. Would he give any kind of a warning? Would he chase me off? Would he change his mind […]


Horses Are My Dance of Life

By Stina Herberg

When I first rescued the herd in 2007, I did not use treats. The reason is that I wanted to be sure that when the horses finally would choose my company she would come because she felt good in my company. I also wanted my horses to respond as she would with a lead horse […]


Defrost the Fun!

By Stacey Chamberlain

I am so excited! But first of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this post. I would also like to apologise in advance, as the sudden need to put thoughts and feelings into words, may well render this a meandering and somewhat garbled journey. Having recently purchased a […]


Artistic Inspirations – The Creation of Navarre

By Kim McElroy

While attending the 2000 Western Idaho Horse Fair in Boise, I met a beautiful woman in her sixties who approached my art display booth. With an air of self-assurance, she introduced herself as Kathryn, and asked what I charged for commissioned portraits. She went on to explain that her daughter, Tracey, was a partner in […]


The Thankful Dance

By Guest Contributor

With a deep desire to understand and experience the bond with horses and all of life, I began rereading Carolyn Resnick’s incredible book, ‘Naked Liberty’, for the fourth time in as many years. Each time I immerse myself in her stories, they become more a part of the fiber of my being as well as […]

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