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When The Going Gets Hard, Go Slower

By Ari Krause

The application of many natural horsemanship methods operates on the foundation that the horse is being naughty, bossy or spoiled. They teach that if the horse isn’t returning the desired reaction, use more energy, get bigger, push/pull harder, etc. until the horse does return the desired reaction. This seems to work well with horses that […]


Stealing Grace

By Sarah Gummer

I was a horse thief. I stole their grace. I took it without asking. Not only did I steal it, I also disregarded it as if it had no value at all. Not only did I steal it, I squashed it, stamped on it, pushed and pulled it until it died. I used force to […]


The Superior Teacher

By Franklin Levinson

I really like this quote from my good friend Alan Cohen: “The inferior teacher tells you that something is wrong with you and offers to fix it. The superior teacher tells you that something is right with you and helps you bring it forth.” The teacher really does make a big difference in how a […]


What is a horse to you?

By Chris Wolf

In some parts of the world, like Romania for instance, this would be a silly question. Over there in Eastern Romania you own a horse so it can work. And that is it. What is a horse to you? Why do you own a horse? Almost no one keeps a horse for work purposes nowadays […]


Listen To Your Horse

By Linda Kohanov

Sometimes people ask me how I can tell what a horse is feeling. To the untrained eye, equine facial expressions do seem more limited than ours. However, horses more than make up for this through consistent, meaningful changes in ear position and body posture that are recognizable at a considerable distance, an important adaptation for […]

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