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Preventive Massage for Horses

By Martine du floo

Massage For Horses WHAT IS IS AND WHY SHOULD YOU DO IT? Bad luck! Your horse is injured or just doesn’t walk symmetric. You call a vet or physiotherapist to help. Of course, consulting these professional in this case is a good thing, but did you know that a lot of latent problems can be […]


Classical Homeopathy For Horses – What Is It And What Does It Do?

By Martine du floo

Homeopathy can be adviced for different complaints in horses. This can range from acute complaints to chronic complaints or behaveoural problems and fear. The opinion of the classical homeopath is aimed at boosting the self healing ability of the horse and thus not comparable with a treatment like this is performed by a veterinarian. But […]


The Horseboy

By Sarah Gummer

This is a story of adventure, mystery, courage and love. A modern day fairy tale with all the best components, a humble hero, a beautiful woman, a troubled and much loved innocent, a handful of spirits with magical potions, demons, horses and mystical notions. It is also true, a loving parents journey into the unknown, […]


When Suppression is Cure

By Renate Reed

Please Note: The following is for educational purposes, always consult your health practitioner. Cover the weakness, hide the stain; modern bane whose roots are seeped in ancient hardwiring of beings in the natural world, so as not to become food for the predators. It is survival. The most difficult thing for people to comprehend about […]


One With the Herd

By Liz Mitten Ryan

‘One With the Herd’ is an award winning documentary telling the story of healing and connection, of the relationship between horses and humans. Horses have been at our sides for centuries, carrying us to war, to work, to play. On their backs, taking us to speeds and lands we can only travel in our dreams. […]

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