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Carolyn Resnick

Her life with horses began in Indio, California in the 1940s. Riding alone in the desert as a child, she nurtured an intuitive bond with horses. In the beginning of what would become a lifelong passion for developing innovative horse training methods created from her interactive studies with wild horses, Carolyn spent three summers of her childhood gradually becoming accepted into a community of wild horses culminating in her riding the lead mare of the herd, bareback and without bridle. www.carolynresnickblog.com


How Often Should You Train A Horse?

By Carolyn Resnick

The lesson I would like to discuss today is how our horses behave when they have not been worked on a regular basis. So the question is how often should you train a horse? Normally, if we turn a horse out in a big field and just leave him for a week or maybe a […]