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Paul Sloot

Born in Sydney Australia, I now live in the the north of Holland and speak Dutch, English and German. I'm married with a son and a daughter and am also blessed with 2 horses… I work 50% of the time as a fraud-inspector for the local government, and for the other 50% I am a photographer. You can view a selection of my work on my. Flickr stream.


Raising A Foal – Part 2

By Paul Sloot

His name is Azzari, Persian for Fire. And full of fire he is! Introduction: This series is about my adventures with my foal Azzari. I decided to share my experiences, because there are a lot of things that CAN happen, SHOULD happen, and WILL happen, and of course there are also things that SHOULD NOT […]


Raising A Foal: Episode 1 – The Birth

By Paul Sloot

Introduction: If you’re in the market for buying a horse as an inexperienced person, you will have to be on the lookout for all kinds of horse related problems. There are many health issues to consider, character issues, spiritual issues, etc, and many things are not as they seem to be.  I remember I even […]


To Ride Or To Wait?

By Paul Sloot

Yesterday I found something an interesting article that I wanted to bring to your attention: What are Ag-Gag Laws and Why Are They Dangerous? It seems that, due to successes, maltreaters are not bettering themselves, but are rather entrenching… In my humble opinion, misusing legislation, lobby and power to shut us up. I did some […]


Do You Want To Dance With Your Horse?

By Paul Sloot

This article will be explaining how I came to dance with my horses on a regular basis. I was motivated to write this, because it explains how I “ran with destiny”, a subject that, as I learnt recently, is a very important part of interacting with horses. And, how dangerous it is, when you don’t! […]


How Should We Train Horses?

By Paul Sloot

How should we train horses? This is a question I have been thinking about a lot, maybe even my whole life. The reasons for this are: 1: I know things can be done much better, but I can’t seem to “get the message across to everyone.” Only to those who are really interested. 2: I […]

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