About the author

Sarah Gummer

A ‘reconditioned’ riding instructor, Sarah now helps resolve the conflict of the biomechanics of movement between horse and rider by aligning horse and rider through the free forward flow of natural movement resulting in the body of the horse developing the musculature necessary for holistic health.


Stealing Grace

By Sarah Gummer

I was a horse thief. I stole their grace. I took it without asking. Not only did I steal it, I also disregarded it as if it had no value at all. Not only did I steal it, I squashed it, stamped on it, pushed and pulled it until it died. I used force to […]


The Horseboy

By Sarah Gummer

This is a story of adventure, mystery, courage and love. A modern day fairy tale with all the best components, a humble hero, a beautiful woman, a troubled and much loved innocent, a handful of spirits with magical potions, demons, horses and mystical notions. It is also true, a loving parents journey into the unknown, […]