Changing How We View the Horse


Horses have been improving people’s lives for thousands of years. They have pulled heavy loads, plowed fields, carried men into battle and on hunts, and have been used as a mode of transportation. Horses have sacrificed so much for the human race throughout all of this time.

Nowadays horses perform various sports, carry us along trails, do tricks and play games, and just plain make us feel good, and they still make sacrifices for our pleasure.

Humans have long taken horses for granted, and assumed the horse exists for our use and our pleasure. Thankfully, this view is beginning to change. More and more humans are changing their view of the horse, and the belief that is beginning to evolve, and which is my belief as well is:

  • The horse owes us nothing.
  • The horse is a kind and generous being, and we need to repay her with kindness and generosity.

Being with the the horse makes us feel good, and we owe her the same in return.
” The Power of Proper Riding”. The horse is an intelligent being and deserves to be educated using a kind and intelligent approach, as opposed to being trained and programmed.

  • The horse is deserving of our utmost respect, admiration and loving care.
  • The horse is a sentient being, and should be treated as such with kindness, caring, understanding and compassion.

There is much that we can learn from the horse, such as:

  • The horse does not lie, and is not deceitful. Therefore, she can teach us about honesty, truthfulness and integrity.
  • The horse does not judge and accepts us for who we are. Therefore, she can teach us how to be non judgmental and allowing.
  • The horse forgives easily. Therefore, she can teach us how to be more forgiving.
  • The horse easily accesses her Inner Healing Wisdom, and demonstrates this for us if we wish to learn to heal ourselves.
  • The horse lives in the moment and therefore, she can teach us how to be in the moment as well.

Our view of the horse is one of appreciation and love. “The Power of Fitness”.



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About the author

Sivia Gold

Sivia Gold has spent a long lifetime with horses, riding, training, competing in a variety of sports, and healing. In October of 2010 she discovered and developed an extremely simple and easy, but very powerful technique that assists the horse in releasing both mental/emotional and physical tension and replacing it with relaxation. It soon earned the name The BIG Eraser. At about the same time, she began developing simple techniques for replacing both mental/emotional and physical negative habits and patterns with positive ones. These techniques became known as The Triple R (Release, Reprogram and Redevelop). All of this evolved into The BETR Journey, a complete program of healing and educating horses and their humans . The BETR Journey is a clear and simple step-by-step approach that utilizes The BIG Eraser (BE), The Triple R (TR), and a kind, intelligent approach in order to systematically develop a deep and trusting relationship with the horse and wonderful interactions on the ground and in the saddle. To find out more about the BETR Journey, go to:

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