Centaur Connection

Centaur Connection

Being in the horse industry as I have, and being a horse lover on my own personal journey, I have seen a lot of personal growth in people due to the impact that horses have played in their spiritual evolution. I have seen trainers grow and change from hardened individuals to philanthropists and students turn into masters. I have seen first hand the physical healing effect horses have on humans. All of these people that I have known over the years have horses to thank for their spiritual growth.

I feel that the biggest influence a horse has on me comes in the moment that I feel a connection between us as One – the Centaur Connection.

I have an overwhelming appreciation and gratitude for the friendship that arises in these moments, the Centaur Connection that comes from our training experiences together. This experience catapults me into an overwhelming awareness to all that surrounds me in nature and to the universe as a whole.

As exemplified by one of my students, Margaret’s stories carry me to this Centaur Connection through my own imagination. Thank you Margaret for being so clear, caring and real.

What she experiences with her horse, by using the first Waterhole Ritual without going on to the other Rituals, offers a lifetime of opportunity. Staying with the first Waterhole Ritual offers us the opportunity to continually increase our knowledge and our ability to learn and experience the ultimate happiness to be shared with horses without ever needing to share the next Rituals.

The purpose of the first Waterhole Ritual is to help a person to open their hearts and to lose the need for agenda and a desire to change the horse. In this way, we can begin to understand how to use the waterhole Rituals in a loving and responsible way.

Using this natural experience, you will develop a know-how to properly apply the Waterhole Rituals. As you become more knowledgeable, you will get closer and closer to the ways and mind of horses.

Trying to apply the Waterhole Rituals without the natural involvement of the relationship and without the connection of your horse is not how I intended the application of the Rituals to be used.

The most important aspect to the Rituals is to allow the connection to continue to grow in the most effective and natural way, just as another of my other students, Stina, has done with her horses in St. Vincent. Believe it or not, it is not important to me whether you move on to the next 6 Rituals or not.

They are heart driven because of the joy and connection that Stina experiences with her small band. Personally, I cannot wait to see how the next chapters of her adventures in freedom unfold as she continues to develop her working bond.

As our awareness grows through the connection we share with horses, it will deepen our wisdom, joy and connection to all things that we seek and have. It is my idea that from staying present to the Centaur Connection we become increasingly aware of the unity and joy that exists in every moment. As this awareness grows, it will bring a person to have more appreciation and love towards all things. By allowing our newly found awareness to lead us, it will bring greater meaning and appreciation to life, our desire to be in community with all things and to be nurtured by serving others.

Sharing a Centaur Connection with a horse seems to affect many of us in this way. So many in fact, that in my mind, the horses’ assistance in the spiritual evolution of the human race cannot be denied.

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Carolyn Resnick

Her life with horses began in Indio, California in the 1940s. Riding alone in the desert as a child, she nurtured an intuitive bond with horses. In the beginning of what would become a lifelong passion for developing innovative horse training methods created from her interactive studies with wild horses, Carolyn spent three summers of her childhood gradually becoming accepted into a community of wild horses culminating in her riding the lead mare of the herd, bareback and without bridle. www.carolynresnickblog.com

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