Edition #001 – Friday Nov 10 2017

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This Week's Top Stories

The Power Of Laughter – I have found that when interacting with horses, the less serious you are, and the more you maintain a sense of humor, the better things go. I used to be quite serious, in my life and in my interactions with my horses. However, about seven years ago, I decided to lighten up…
Rare Golden Zebra Zoe Dies at 19 – Hawaii’s golden zebra Zoe has died at the Three Ring Ranch Exotic Animal Sanctuary on the Big Island. Her golden coloring was because she had amelanosis, giving her golden stripes instead of the usual black. There had been reports of at least two other “white” zebras in captivity. One in Germany about 100 years ago and another at a zoo in Tokyo in the 1970s…
This Veteran Is Helping Others Fight PTSD With Horses – Sam Rhodes is no stranger to the toll that war can take on a person’s mental health. He has thought of taking his own life and has struggled with a sense of hopelessness since returning from combat in Iraq in 2005. In 2008, Rhodes found that working with horses helped him cope with these feelings and gave him a new sense of inner peace and purpose – and he wanted to share that with others affected by PTSD…
20 Years of Reuniting Horses and Owners – Stolen Horse International is celebrating its 20th anniversary as a leader in equine identification and all things associated with missing and stolen horses in the equine industry. Also known as NetPosse, has grown tremendously over two decades of helping people find their missing or stolen horses…
The Deforestation of America: Wild Horses Lose Out – The current trend in the deforestation across America is alarming considering the lack of the implementation of effective cost-efficient pre-fire management strategies. It turns out that there may be a plausible reason for the lackadaisical way that forests are managed and it has to do with money, lots of money…
Helping Old Horses Gain Weight Before WinterQuestion: “My 16-hand 22-year-old gelding has, in the past several weeks, lost some weight. I can see his ribs, and his spine has become more prominent as well. He’s in light work and lives in a stall with a run at a boarding facility, and I haven’t changed anything in his diet or routine. I’m concerned that with winter coming he needs to regain this weight, but I’m not sure the best way to go about it. Currently he gets good-quality grass hay and a ration balancer…”

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