Edition #002 – Friday Nov 17 2017

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This Week's Top Stories

From Pasture To Competition In 45 Days – I developed Human to Horse Sensing after working with horses for a long time, racing as a jockey, jumping, doing endurance, riding dressage and working without tack on the ground and in the saddle. H2H (Human To Horse) Sensing illuminates the roots of horse behavior…
The Cortisol Conundrum: Curious Questions Around the Quintessential Stress Hormone – Cortisol is widely thought of as a stress hormone because its levels rise during episodes of acute stress. It has been used as a measure of stress in many horse studies. However, its relationship to chronic stress is less clear. Researchers from the Animal and Human Ethics Laboratory at the University of Rennes 1 in France…
[AUDIO] – How Well Does Your Horse Understand Your Aids – Have you ever noticed how, sometimes, when you are riding it feels like you and your horse are having communication issues. You are asking – but he is just not understanding… It all comes back to the clarity of your aids and how well your horse can understand them…
Why Your Horse Needs Vitamin E – Hay is almost the perfect food for horses—most varieties offer the right balance of protein, fiber, nutrients and energy to keep the average horse healthy. The key word there is “almost.” One nutrient that hay may not provide in sufficient quantity is vitamin E…
Fat Options to Help Your Horse Hold Weight During the WinterQ. What is the best use of fats to help horses maintain weight during the cooler winter months? A. Fat sources are often used for weight gain because they’re significantly more calorie-dense than carbohydrates. There are numerous products that can add fat to a horse’s diet, including…
Dressage Leg vs. Jumping Leg: How To Use No-Stirrup November to Benefit Both – Biz Stamm presents some mounted and unmounted exercises for all disciplines! Your horse called. He said he has a monkey on his back. No, he wasn’t referring to his increasingly problematic peppermint addiction – he was referring to you and your seemingly aimless approach to No-Stirrup November…”

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“Gaining and keeping the trust of our horses, donkeys and mules seems to be one of the foundations to any equine human relationship.

So often over my 20 years of working with horses donkeys, mules and their humans, trust has been the one element that is common to all relationships, when it is strong the relationship has good foundations to build from and everything is calmer and safer.

When trust is missing or it is negative trust then the relationship can be stagnant and difficult. Understanding trust, how we get it, keep it and lose it becomes a vital element in enhancing our relationships and perhaps more importantly importantly it is what keeps us safe.” – Ben Hart

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