Edition #004 – Friday Dec 01 2017

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This Week's Top Stories

Give Your Horse Feedom Of Choice
– Humans take away freedom of choice by locking criminals in jails as punishment for their crimes. Consider the horse, always innocent and has not committed any crime but has little, if any, real freedoms or freedom of choice. It is made to do our bidding when and where we want it to and compelled to stay wherever we say it must…

Domestic Life May Not Help Your Horse’s Gut Health, Research Suggests
– The involvement of humans in the lives of horses may not be all that good for their gut health, the findings of a recent study suggest. An international study team set out to see how domestication affected gut microorganisms in horses, using horses living in Mongolia for their research…
CT Scanner Could Be Lifesaver for Horses – The first weekend of May the world turns its attention to the Kentucky Derby and the thoroughbred racehorses who compete for this prestigious title. While many marvel at the beauty and athleticism of the horses, it’s hard to forget the tragedies of horses like Barbaro, who suffered a leg fracture at the Preakness Stakes…
Getting a Read on Infection in Horses – Our horses have many blood components capable of alerting our veterinarians about everything from dehydration status to tissue damage. Scientists have been on the search for substances that act as reliable biomarkers for various problems; these could help remove some of the guesswork when making a diagnosis…
Mucking Stalls, Walking High-Priced Thoroughbreds. Is This the Future of Horse Tourism? – The Keeneland September yearling sale this year featured thousands of beautiful horses, dozens of deep-pocketed buyers and one very unusual barn hand: Patricia Akiona, who not only worked for Mill Ridge for free, she actually paid her way from Snohomish, Wash., just to do it…
Nearly All Horse Owners in Survey Report Using Complementary or Alternative Therapies – Nearly all of the respondents in a British survey said they had used complementary or alternative therapies on their horses. Four out of every five horse owners who completed the survey said they would be willing to try new complementary therapies for musculoskeletal injuries without first consulting their vet…
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