Edition #005 – Friday Dec 08 2017

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This Week's Top Stories

Watching And Waiting
– I stand here in the morning mist Quietly watching and waiting The air is filled with Pegasus’ kiss From nostril flared, exhaling Staccato’d hooves pivot and step Like a fine flamenco dancer Nostrils roll, they prance with snap For this – there is no answer…

Warm-Season Grasses Have Potential for Feeding Horses Over Summer, Study Shows
– Warm-season grasses have potential for feeding horses in places that are traditionally the domain of cool-season species, according to researchers, although nitrate levels would need to be watched. Grass is an easily available, nutritious feed for horses. Horses in the world’s temperate zones usually chow down on cool-season perennial…
Senior Horses Rule – Senior horses really are the champions of their species. These are the mounts that are the bombproof schoolmasters helping shape riders into becoming true equestrians, and the gentle old souls who have kindled the flame of many lifelong lovers of horses. Really, there’s no debate that senior horses rule…
Time-Saving Tips: Grooming, Riding, and Transporting Horses – Wait, with all the feeding, watering, and stall-cleaning, we actually have time to groom and exercise our horses, too? We can do not only that but also keep our quick post-work rides from turning into all-night affairs with these tips. Keeping Horses Clean…
The Queen Has Named A Horse – Find Out His Unusual Moniker – The Queen had the honour of naming the most senior animal in the British Army, a nine-year-old Drum Horse who holds the rank of Major. Her Majesty, 91, officially named him Perseus, the greatest hero in Greek mythology before the days of Heracles…
Wild Horse Roundups Condemned as A Ruinous Strategy by HSUS Boss – The “old model” of rounding up wild horses by the thousands and doing nothing to control the reproduction of horses remaining on public lands has been labelled a ruinous strategy by the head of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Wayne Pacelle…
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